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Apr 16
Get that certificate framed, finish that article, get yourself on a panel. To make your business soar position yourself as an expert. When your potential clients are deciding whom they will do business with, they are less concerned with price. As an business success coach working with small business owners I tell my clients over and over 'everybody wants to do business with an expert.' If you want to increase your business success establish yourself as an expert. There are several things you ...
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Apr 15
The best way to build a relationship with a potential client and turn them into a loyal customer is to meet them face to face. Choose a place where people can meet some of your current, happy clients. Instead of going out on 30 sales presentations or having 30 no cost consultations, get potential clients together in a room and do a song and dance that will make them two step over to you and sign up for what you are offering. Open House Some people need to know you well before they will talk ...
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Apr 14
There are TONS of things you find interesting in your life. You could write an informational tips booklet about any one of them to help other people learn what you know, and make some money from the booklets in the process. Where is the place for you to start? First, give thought to whether you want your booklet to have a two-fold function as a marketing piece for a current business you own and also an income stream unto itself. That will narrow your choices somewhat. Choosing a topic that has ...
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Apr 13
In this article, I'll show you three strategies that resulted in: 1) selling $100,000 of software in two weeks -- for a marketing cost of $50 2) $400,000 of revenue as an unexpected result of a promotion 3) three books becoming best sellers. Each resulted from a different application of "Outrageous Marketing." A Very Brief Introduction to Outrageous Marketing These days, in order to get attention for your marketing message, you need to be outrageous. Now, I don't mean being outrageous just for ...
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Apr 12
It's not easy to find a pair of sandals that properly supports your feet.  But after an entire summer of sandal wearing, you'll wish you had.  Most sandals ' with their flat, thin sole ' simply don't cut it when it comes to supporting the arch, heel, toes and Achilles tendon.  This is especially true for people who have a history of foot deformity or injury.  People who suffer from plantar fasciitis (heel pain), for example, need a sandal that lifts the heel and supports the arch.  Wearing ...
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Apr 11
Did you know that a successful trader can lose money on 9 out of 10 trades and still make money? An unsuccessful trader can make money on 7 out of 10 trades and end up going broke. What does the successful trader do differently than the trader that ends up broke? Even more importantly, how does this apply to your business? Before I tell you the secret, I want to let you know: >>> You can't predict the future >>> Not every marketing campaign you launch will be successful In the words of Robert ...
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Apr 10

The Seller's Creed

iconApril 10th, 2014

I will not make sales. I will make Customers. I will target the heart of my Customer. Never their wallet. My Customer is the lifeblood of my business. Though I may sell my Customers what they want, I will deliver what they need and make their lives better. Courtesy and Service are cornerstones of my relationship with my Customer. I will view complaints as opportunities . . . opportunities to create lifelong Customers. The quality of my products and how I treat my Customers will determine the ...
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Apr 9
Cocktail dresses are the fantasy of every teenage girl. The dress which was first styled by world renowned designer Coco Chanel in 1926 is a must have. They wait eagerly for the moment when they would have the chance to show their pretty, black cocktail dresses. Girls love stuffing their wardrobe with all kinds of clothes and especially like cocktail dresses. Every woman should have little, black cocktail dress in their wardrobe. With the evolution in fashion world, girls can go through all ...
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Apr 8
The right piece of erotic lingerie prepares you to send any man's temperature skyrocketing into the stratosphere of passion. And the creativity and comfort offered in the many choices are enough to make them worth your time and dollars, whether your bedroom is private or shared with that special someone. But with so many choices and preferences, it can get a little overwhelming picking out the right fit. What You Should Look for in a Sexy Piece of LingerieFirstly, ask yourself what is important ...
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Apr 7
Lingerie or two piece is a women's swimsuit with two parts, one covering the breasts (optionally in the case of the monokini), the other the groin (and optionally the buttocks), leaving an uncovered area between the two (optionally in the case of the Tankini). It is often worn in hot weather or while swimming. The shapes of both parts of a bikini resemble women's underwear, and the lower part can range from revealing thong or g-string to briefs and modest square-cut shorts. Merriam'Webster's ...
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